Why I’ve added a System51 Swatch to my collection

Recently I’ve bought a new System51 Swatch for my small collection. It’s different from the others I have, because it’s simply a swatch, the famous colored plastic ones.
The main reason it’s because this new object will simply disrupt the Swiss-made watch world.

In fact this is a mechanical mechanism watch with the particularity to be automatic. You could note:- the world is full of Swiss made automatic watches-. Yes that’s true. But this is the first completely Swiss made watch, that costs only 140$. If you are an expert you might know that for an automatic swiss made watch you should spend 500-800$ for an Hamilton, until 3000-40000 for an Omega. So 4X times at least!

Swatch produce this automatic watches built a full automated line, so this is a full no hand-made mechanism. Furthermore it structured the mechanism in 51 main parts, that give the name to the model System51. It has a 90hours autonomy if full charged.
If only some of this 51 parts will be used in other brand mechanism, it will give to the company the chance to lower the costs, and we hope the price, of all Swatch Holding companies. If you consider that Swatch corporation owns many famous Swiss luxury or stylish brands like Hamilton, Longines, Rado (my favorite), Omega (that produce the famous Speedmaster) and more, it means that all the market will be completely revolutionized.
We will see, in the meantime I’m enjoying my simple but cool new watch.
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