Social Network Marketing by Products Category

Social Network Marketing has become one the of the success key to generate the buzz about products and to sell them. But how to define the strategy for social networking, and overall which social network use? This is for sure one of the key question that most of the marketing managers are doing.


Let’s start with some figures, from eMarketers report. First of all 54% of Us residents use social network monthly. So one people every two is a possible marketing target. Facebook is overall the most used social network if you consider the entire world, but many other social network are growing in the last three years as you could see in graph below from PEW research center




Anyway another thing to consider it’s the type of relationship that social network create with the user. If for example Pinterest has 3% of more people using it’s social network, most of Instagram users use the app dayly.




So, for a long term advertising campaign, probably Twitter and Pinterest coould be a great choices. For a viral day-by-day campaign, Facebook and Instagram are currently the best ones.


Another importanat things to consider is product category, because you can’t sell enything, everywhere. For example, selling sex toys on Facebook where friends are notified for every single click users do, it’s not a great choice. On Instagram it’s easily to “secretely” follow models, fitness guru, motivation quote, etc, instead. Pinterest has an high conversion in the antiques and collectibles industry.YouTube saw success with digital products, music or bands, Twitter for home and office furnishings.


A great marketer, before to start, should spend some time investigating the market, understand users habits in order to create an effective campaign. Usually it’s not important to use all the social network, but focus on just one or two depending from your products and your customers.


You could go further by reading this great post, where just the title say everything: “More Than CONTENT, It’s COMMUNITY That’s King“.


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