Instagram Growth Rules – 4 Important Rules + 3 Secrets

Here below the most easiest Instagram Growth Rules to implement for your account. Plus you could three useful secrets that probably few knows.

TIMING (is everything):

Timing Watch Post

Post timing it’s very important, because usually people use instagram after breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you post in these timing you will get more likes. If you post in the night, people sleep, and when they look the app, your photo will not be between the firsts.

TIP: If you want to post 2 or more photos, avoid to post all at the same time, and divide them in the day. For example, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the night.

TAG & Caption :

Always insert a description and insert a “call to action” for interaction with follower. I.e.: “tag who you would stay with”, “download my guide, link in bio”, etc.. Please avoid to put more than 5 tags in the caption. Instead put all your tags in second comment (maximum 30). For example use tags wisely depending by the category or niche market.

TIP: Copy your preferred tags in a note app, so when you create a new post you could easily “copy and paste” them in the comment.

NETWORK (…be social):

Social Media Network InstagrmaRemember, Instagram is first of all a social network, so most important things are interactions and networking. Basically if you start to follow 100 new users, probably the 5-20% of them will follow you back. This the same for “like”. These are the principle on which Automated systems are based (See BOT topic on secret chapter).

Start to follow other people and interact with them, by liking or leaving useful comments to the pics. If you comment to a post with a “cool pic” or “great”, probably nobody cares about. Otherwise if put a question or somenthig different, other users will go to see your profile and most likely start to follow you. This works especially with account that don’t have hundreds thousand of follower, because otherwise you will just be one of many.

TIP: search new pics through a Tag that are most similar to yours, and with few followers. They most likely follow you back.

CONTENT (is the king):

Last but not the least, the thing that really care is the quality of your posts. Don’t use low resoulution photo, or avoid to overuse Instagram effects. Avoid taking pics of kittens, flowers, moons etc.. As more you are innovative as mot likely people want to follow you. Be personal and not too much formal, especially if you are a company.

TIP: Specialize your content, reach a new niche market, don’t be one of the many.

SECRETS (or not?):

  1. 3 Hours after post rules: You usually receive the most part of your interactions, after 3 hour you have posted your pics. So concentrate all your efforts “in advertising” during this period. For example after you posted a photo, start to interact with others users (i.e. search by tag or similar) or comment your followings. You will increase your “likes” and new follower for sure.
  2. DEFOLLOW/FOLLOW: This is a very simple secret, but it really works. Go to users profiles that have million of followers, and start to defollow/follow them every 3-4 hours. You will gain new follower “For free”. We have personally tested this trick, by creating a new profile. We gained 300 follower in 1 week without posting anything! Anyway this users could defollow you if you don’t have anything to show.
  3. BOT: Automate your interactions. BOT are programs that could be used to automatize your “foreign” likes or your follow/defollow actions. The one that we most like is Instagress, but there other that you could use. They work like this: they search other posts or users using tags or other search parameters taht you set. After they leave a comment or liek for you. Otherwise this program could start to follow people that have similar content to yours, exploiting the rules of the “follow me back”. Please don’t esagerate by using this programs because Instagram could “intercept” you and block temporarly your account. So please read accurate the guides before.
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