Costs & Time to develop an App

Here an infographic about the costs & time develop an App for iOS or for Android. You could make a brief estimation of the budget you need to have an app, if you outsource the project.


APP development Cost infographic

APP development Cost infographic


App Type:

  • Simple: A very simple app with info populated by web pages, or just to shouw your business reference or images
  • Data List: An app with a list of items, like a newspaper article, blog, flowers etc… This app could require a backend server if data are populated externally
  • Complex: A very complex app or a social network like Instagram, Pinterest, Gaming, etc…


Extra Costs explanation:

  • Cool Design: you outsource the design task to web designer witout using the standard iOS user interface
  • Project Manager: you don’tn manage the project directly, but you outsource the management to a professional the will update you with milestones and task completed
  • Back-End Server: The cost for managing a server (i.e. Amazon AWS server, Bluehost VPS, etc…)


Price are referred to this year, so they could change.

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